Needlepoint Pretties

I'm not a big fan of winter, but it does provide lots of time inside for one of my favorite things - needlepoint! 

I stitched several items the last few months and already received a few back from the finishers.

Tricolor CKCS ornament I donated for the Rescue auction

A dala horse for my aunt, who is from Sweden

Checkbook cover, pour moi.  Originally the crab was painted green, the border was yellow, and the gingham was shades of blue.  I changed it to match the checkbook cover.

Cavalier belt.  This is at the finisher now and I can't wait to wear it in a few weeks to a dog show I'm attending in Delaware.  Yes, I'm one of those people.

I used to work on just one project at a time (I'm reeeaaalllyyy anal), but I had to make room in my needlepoint cabinet for the new canvases I seem to accumulate every week.  Thus began my journey into having multiple projects going at the same time.  It  takes longer to stitch something since I don't work on it constantly, but when I get bored with one canvas I can put it away and take out something else.  These are the six!!! things I have going right now.

Three belts, two for me and one for Dave.  Dave's belt has woodland animals, or as I like to call it, cute little furry creatures he likes to hunt.

I hope to finish stitching this over the weekend so that I can send it off to be made into a pillow for Sissy.

A door hanger for my friend who's about to have her baby (guess I need to get started!!)

And this little iris, which I bought for an online class to teach me how to do needle-blending, a type of shading this stranded silk thread.  The neat thing about this is that it came with a wooden trivet that the stitched canvas will slip right into so I won't need to have it professionally finished.

One thing that keeps me organized is that I keep all projects that aren't on a frame (I use a frame when I'm doing decorative stitches) in project bags like these.  The bags hold everything I need and make it easy to throw a project in my purse when I'm running out the door.

I bought theses handbag and belt canvases last summer with grand plans to stitch over the fall and winter so that it would be ready come spring.  Well as you can see, I've gotten really far.  It's so intimidating because the purse is actually two identical canvases for the front and back.  And of course, I also need to do the belt. I need to just buckle down and start it because I know that I'll love it once I get started.

When I finally finish all these projects, I have many more in my stash that don't have threads yet.

All these belts...

Four flower canvases, that I plan to frame and hang, that is when I actually stitch them, which may be in 10 years.

And then these state canvases.   I have a good reason for not starting these yet- I haven't purchased the Georgia canvas.  I'm from Maryland, Dave's from Georgia, and we now live in Virginia.  My grand plan is to stitch these and unite them in the same mat and frame and hang them in our living room.  That will be in 15 years. :-)


  1. I love needlepoint and I think that is how we found each other on pinterest. I have a B&T cavalier. Where di you find all your amazing needlepoint belts. I live in Atlanta and our needlepoint stores don't have the best belt selection. Thanks so much!! LB

  2. p.s. oh and does the Cav belt have a B&T on it? If so, I need to make that one soon!

  3. OMG...these are amazing!!! What FUN projects...of course I love anything with a crab! Is there a needle pointers anonymous group? xx

  4. Hi, LB! The belt I just stitched does have one lonely little B&T :-). It's by Barbara Russell. Have you been to In Stitches in Buckhead? I've been a few times and love it! The owner is really nice and they have so many threads. She can probably order the Cavalier belt for you-
    I get my belts (and other canvases) from everywhere. I'm fortunate to have two great local needlepoint shops, plus one in Baltimore, that I buy a lot of things from. And I read a bunch of blogs, where I see canvases and then just hunt them down online. That's part of the fun.

  5. Have you checked out They have TONS if canvases. I love to get my needlepoint there

  6. Have you checked out They have TONS if canvases. I love to get my needlepoint there

  7. I love how you changed up the checkbook cover!!

  8. Thank you, BB! Not sure I love the grey but I do adore my p&g crab. But it's a great reason to do your elephant canvas. ;-)

  9. Great needlepoint..I enjoyed the blog!

  10. You are so talented! I've been wanting to try Needlepoint forever but I never know how to begin! XO

  11. So cute..I am a diehard needlepointer. I stick to christmas ornaments these days and have found a bunch on ebay. Just put in needlepoint ornament in the search box and many of them pop up..super cute and many around $12!

  12. Oh my gosh, I am one of *those* people too lol! I love all the needlepoints you've selected- I thought I had a lot of projects at the same time, but you put me to shame ha!
    Btw, your CKCS is super cute! We are considering expanding our furry family to include another longhair dachshund, probably in the CKCS colors :-)


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