It's a white puppy party

My adorable friend T at Desperately Seeking Seersucker is hosting an end of summer white party.  I thought I'd play along but with a different twist- white puppies!  Nothing is more cute than a puppy an adorable white one may just be the best.  And even though they're not entirely white, I couldn't forget my favorite puppy in the world- a tricolor Cavalier!

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I love happy endings

Last night I was at our vet picking Dakota up from his dental appointment.  We were chilling in the reception area, waiting for some medicine to be prepared, when a young girl came in with a flyer for a missing dog.  There were only two receptionists working so she had to wait a bit and was standing next to where I was sitting.  The dog on her flyer looked familiar so I walked to the entrance area, where lost and found notices are posted. 

There was a notice with Monday's date that a person found a female black lab.  It also said the dog was taken to McLean Animal Hospital (our vet).  I pointed it out to the girl and she said her dog was a girl and the picture looked a lot like hers.  One of the receptionists heard us speaking and said that a lady brought them a black lab she found and that he'd go get her. 

It was her!  Maggie!  The girl was sooooo happy and immediately started crying.  She thanked everyone and flew out the door, I presume to her mom's car.  Dakota and I smiled the entire way home.

Caution, deliciousness ahead

My husband doesn't really care for desserts, which is perfect because my sweet tooth is big enough for two.  However, he does have a soft spot for pie.  We love Dangerously Delicious Pies so it was easy when it came time for me to decide what kind of birthday 'cake' to get JDD.  The hard part came when choosing which variety. 

Dangerously Delicious started ten years ago when pie-master and Baltimore resident Rodney Henry, a struggling musician, needed a way to fund his band.  Before his concerts, Rodney would bake upwards of 40 pies and peddle them to audience members at the show, along with the requisite CDs and concert tee shirts.  The pies quickly became more popular than the band, and Rodney turned his hobby into a business.  But he hasn't forgotten his rock and roll roots.  Both locations of Dangerously Delicious stay open insanely late and host live music for the pie loving rock crowd. 

There are over 35 flavors of sweet pies, quiches and savory pies and all are handmade using only all natural ingredients. My favorites are the mixed berry, key lime and Mobtown brown. I also adore the coconut chess, which I had on my first visit to the old pie shop in Canton (a new shop is in the Federal Hill area of the city).  JDD and I love the chili pie on cold evenings.  It has just the right kick to warm you up.

JDD is a HUGE peanut butter lover so I got him the chocolate peanut butter chess pie for his birthday. 

Forgive the ugly presentation.  JDD wanted pie for his birthday breakfast so I didn't have a chance to put it in a pretty pie plate.

Sweet Declan

Declan Black Carmical
August 26, 2009 - August 18, 2010

Declan is one of the twin sons of my sister's friend Sherri.  In March he was diagnosed with a very rare form of pediatric brain cancer, Atypical Teratoid/Rhabtoid Tumor.  I've been following their journey through the blog Sherri set up and from updates from my sister, SAW.  SAW called last night and told me the sweet little guy died early Wednesday morning, just a week shy of his first birthday.  I've met Sherri a few times and she's such a nice lady and a wonderful mother.  My heart breaks for her, husband Stan, and her three sons, Will, Brady, and Declan's twin, Cole.

My new hobby

Is going to be finding a Hobby Lobby closer to me.  During one of the many pits stops of our trip to Georgia last month, I stumbled into a Hobby Lobby.  I'll be honest, I had never heard of this store.  Until last year when I someone posted about great Christmas decorations they purchased there. 

I'm not crafty at all, unless you count amateur needlepoint and decoupage, but I love browsing craft stores.  The pretty colors and fun textures immediately put me in a good mood.  Hobby Lobby did not disappoint!

Still five months until Christmas but already decked out with decorations galore.

How fun would it be to have an all pink tree?!  Especially when the ornaments are so inexpensive!

I imagine this aisle is a scrapbookers dream.  Or a five year old who puts stickers everywhere.

I was surprised to see so much fabric. 

JDD had fun, too.  He especially liked this display.

I don't care for Halloween decorations but I love using pumpkins and scarecrows in October and November.

What time is it?

I wear a watch every day.  I actually feel quite naked without one. 

What started out as this.

Turned in to this.

I have another watchband canvas I just finished stitching and am sending to the finisher tonight.  The watch face slides right on to the band so you can wear different bands. I'm kinda obsessed with these and I'm thinking about ordering some more, including these two.

Dakota's in the house

And in the backyard.

And in the car.

And at the dog park.

And at the vet.

And he seems to be having an awesome time everywhere he is!  He's a super sweet dog and so energetic.  but I can't help but feel so sad for him because he was an owner surrender. Twice. The lady who just gave him to CKCSC Rescue had him less than two months. She adopted him from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, where he was turned in by another owner. I know the third time will be a charm and his forever family is out there somewhere. 

He's three but acts MUCH younger. He's VERY friendly and already has decided I'm his BFF. In the morning, I put a gate up to keep him away from my cats since I can't supervise while I'm showering. As soon as he sees me climb over the gate he runs right up and lies on the floor and stays that way the entire time I'm out of sight. He love, love, loves to run around our backyard and especially likes watching the birds. Unfortunately he's picked up a few bad habits from Spencer, like eating grass. I thought they were Cavaliers, not cows! On the bright side, he loves the braided raw hide things that Spencer hasn't touched in over four years. And I wasn't sure it was possible, but he wags his tail more than Spencer. Which is saying something since Spencer was the fastest tail wagger two years in a row at Arlington County Dogtober Days.

The Devils Went Down to Georgia, part II

Once everyone arrived Friday evening (they were all coming from Athens), we headed back to Dahlonega for dinner. 

JDD's cousin C and I are modeling the mining hats we bought in the restaurant gift shop.

Saturday started off with breakfast in the dining hall followed by a trail ride for the DC Millers.  We sported our reunion tee shirts so everyone would know who were were in case we got lost. ;-)

I was on Sundance, JDD on Daisy Mae (I called him this all afternoon!) and BMD had Fearless.

We continued the animal theme and went to the petting zoo with some of the little cousins.  Adorable cousin A named these two goats Horny and Blackie. ;-)

Cousin A introducing her new friend Blackie to her little sister, cousin C.

This little guy, Curious George, was full of personality and my favorite.

Saturday evening was another group dinner and the infamous wing challenge.  Cousin A decided we were besties and sat on my lap most of the night.

I went next door to the Fudge Factory to get lollipops when I heard a few cranky little ones.  JDD said the caption for this picture should be "Why so serious?"

Back at the cabin, the girls played Yatzee while the boys played cards until the wee hours of the night.  Even with all the gamblers in the group, I was the only one to bring a deck of cards.  They were so grateful to have them, I didn't hear one peep about the color or design.

JDD and some of the boys played horseshoes Sunday morning and then it was time to hit the road.  Can't wait for next year!

The Devils Went Down to Georgia, part I

It's always fun to visit with JDD's family.  At the end of July we road tripped it to Georgia along with JDD's brother, BMD, for the first (and I'm sure to be annual) Miller Family Reunion.  JDD's mom was one of the four Miller sisters and fortunately JDD and BMD have stayed close with that side of their family (their mom died in 1999).  The three sisters and each of their families joined us at a 'resort' in the North Georgia mountains for a weekend of fun and laughs.  It was called a resort but it reminded me a lot of Camp Rim Rock, the summer camp little sis SAW and I went to for four weeks each summer until eighth grade.

We drove to Salisbury, NC Wednesday night and finished the drive Thursday.  I think the boys planned this so we could eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

JDD loves cheesy tee shirts and picked this one up at Target.  It says "All My Homies are from the Street" and has all the Sesame Street characters.

Once we got back on the road Thursday, I settled in for a long afternoon of stitching.

After arriving and checking in to our cabin, we were off to explore Dahlonega, which is set up around a town square with the gold museum in the center.

There were lots of cute stores, including an embroidery shop and a store that had more stuff in it than I'd ever seen in one place.

We stubled upon the Back Porch Oyster Bar and I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I've ever had.

As soon as I saw it on the cocktail menu I knew I had to try Mothership Wit.  Not sure it will make the regular beer rotation.

We went back to the town the next morning for an early lunch and a bit of shopping before the Miller clan arrived.  The Dahlonega Fudge Factory was a big hit with the boys.

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow, which will include the resort petting zoo, our riding excursion and manly men playing poker with pink and green Lilly cards.

212 down, 153 left to go

Some of my July pictures of the month.

Devin picking out his next beach read

Alley art

Cute chocolate crabs

Make a wish

Yes, I know it's dangerous but he has so much fun